Food that tasty, you won’t believe you’re eating frozen meals

frozen-mealsLately my hours at uni have been pretty crazy – I’m undertaking my masters and every spare minute I get these days is dedicated to my studies. If I’m not in class or at a lecture, I’m in the library every single evening. I used to be quite good in the kitchen but when I’m getting home at 10 or 11 every night, the last thing I want to do is cook a meal from scratch.

I didn’t really want to resort to frozen meals, but I found Dineamic and you’d never guess their meals were frozen. Their food is so tasty and they’ve got heaps to choose from – beef, chicken and lamb dishes, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

I’ve put all of my friends at uni onto Dineamic, and it’s seriously the best thing for students who are time poor like us. It sure beats getting takeaway every night, which apart from being unhealthy also starts to add up. I finish my degree in a few months, but even when I get some more hours in the day I’ll still stick with Dineamic for sure. Tasty food, delivered to your door, at a price you can afford. What’s not to love?

Where to find Melbourne Wedding Dresses – A Fantastic Experience


I am here to pass on my praise to the incredible girls at The Designer Bridal Room for helping me to find my dream wedding dress and making me feel like I was the most important customer that they had. That is fantastic service, making every bride feel special and welcome, and it is a far cry from the less than favourable experiences when visiting other shops for Melbourne wedding dresses.

It can be very intimidating going in to appointments with shop assistants and tailors looking you up and down, and some places made me feel like they didn’t want to give me the time of day unless they were guaranteed to make a sale. The Designer Bridal Room was different. They made me feel comfortable, special, and gave me as much time as I needed to find my perfect wedding dress.

Moving home? I suggest a house bond loan

I recently moved to Melbourne to study, and obviously had to find an apartment quick smart. I found one I really liked, but of course another dozen people liked it, too. I was a little short on cash as I’d spent most of it getting my stuff down from Sydney, and the price of the bond was going to cost me big time – that was on top of my first month’s rent! I didn’t have that kind of money up front, and figured my chances at my dream apartment were gone until someone told me I should apply for a house bond loan. I did a quick search and Housing Bond Loans had exactly what I needed.


I was able to get a short term loan within 24 hours with no fuss at all, and get the bond and first month’s rent to the landlord before any of the other applicants. My references checked out and I had steady work coming up, but it was definitely that loan that made the difference – without it, I’m sure I’d still be searching for a place and crashing on my friend’s couch! There was even a little left over from the loan to buy myself a few things I needed for the kitchen, and the terms are so flexible I know I won’t have any issue paying it off even while studying. Anyone else looking to move into a new apartment, I couldn’t recommend Housing Bond Loans enough.

Emergency Plumber in Melbourne


Plumbing emergencies are about as severe as you can get outside of physical danger. When our toilet started playing up we knew we had to get it sorted quick smart before all hell broke loose. Most of the plumbers we called just didn’t quite understand that and though some could be there right away, many wouldn’t promise to get it sorted on the spot without delay.
For this unenviable task we finally happened upon Toscano Plumbing. We gave them a ring and explained the situation and they really understood the urgency. They were at our place in about 30 minutes and had the problem under control almost immediately. They even helped to clean up. For an emergency plumber Melbourne, contact Toscano Plumbing, they really got us out of a mess.

For office and roller blinds Melbourne wide, check out Blockout Blinds

I work in an office building on St. Kilda Rd as the General Manager for an accounting firm. It’s a great spot – not far from home, short walk to heaps of nice cafés for lunch, and an excellent view of the lake in Albert Park right from my desk. A view as good as that really makes coming to work first thing in the morning a whole lot easier. The only problem is the lack of blinds or curtains in our building. Once the sun hits a certain spot in the late afternoon, you can’t see a thing as the glare bouncing off the water is incredibly bright. There’s nothing you can do but wait for the sun to drop a little lower in the sky. People on our floor started complaining, so we looked at getting some sort of blinds put in. We didn’t want to ruin our spectacular views, though, so we decided out best bet would be blinds with UV protection. I shopped around for a little while before I found Blockout Blinds. These guys had a really huge range, and their UV protected blinds were exactly what we needed – they cut the harsh glare from the sun while still letting all the natural light into the office. The best part was that from the inside, you could barely even tell they were there. Very happy indeed. Check these guys out for roller blinds Melbourne wide.



Find Great Land for Sale in Victoria

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It’s no secret that Victorian land prices have gone through the roof in recent years. Part of it is represented by the solid growth in median wealth and GDP per capita and the trend is showing no signs of letting up. Finding an affordable entry point to the market that still offers the sort of lifestyle you’re looking for can be a real challenge. Some are very lucky financially but for the average Australian, you need to think long and hard about what the compromise will be and also, to get a little lucky. Continue reading »